Tips For Your Best Family Photos | Twila's Photography | Nashville, TN

After all the years I’ve been taking photos of families, I’ve learned some ways of helping keep the session fun and making the best of whatever comes our way. Next time you plan your family photo session, keep these tips in mind for a fool proof way to get great pictures and enjoy the time together!

- Choose a time that's best for everyone. If you have little ones, it is imperative that they have napped and eaten prior to your session time, and won’t need to do either during the photoshoot. That way you’re making good use of your allotted time and everyone is at their best.

- “What do we wear?” I tend to like color themes rather than people actually matching each other. I encourage each family member to choose clothing that represents their personal style, but still falls into the color palette of the whole group. Neutrals are great for this, but if you want color then jewel tones work, especially in the fall. Pastels are pretty in the spring and summer. 

- I always start with the entire family photo first just to be sure I get that key image. From there I'll take photos of just the kids, individuals of the kids, just the parents, and then more entire family photos throughout. I always tell clients if they have any special requests or groupings I didn't mention throughout the session, I'm happy to do them as well. Communication is key!

- Parents often worry about their younger children not cooperating. If the behavior does turn negative, parents and children get really stressed in the session. Try to just relax and approach this as fun family time. Not all photos will be posed, and when I sense or see that young ones are getting antsy and distracted then that's when we pick up and go to another spot or simply do some action shots. Getting families playing around and walking together lets the little ones be active and have fun, and then, we're right back into another spot where I can pose everyone in a comfortable way. It's important to keep engaging the younger ones because you almost want them to forgot this is a "thing" they have to do. You want them instead to be happy and involved in the process. 

I hope these tips help take some pressure off of getting photos taken with your family! Now, you’re equipped to make those memories and have them captured in the process. I’d love to be your family photographer, so once you’re ready to schedule, contact me and I’d be honored to capture you all!