Arielle & Eric's Coloring Proposal | Houston Station | Nashville, TN

Don't you love a sweet, personalized proposal? Well, the proposal I'm sharing today is certainly sweet and very personalized! First of all, their names are a true Disney couple- Arielle and Eric! (The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie!) 

Eric knew that Arielle loved coloring and wanted to incorporate it into his marriage proposal in some creative way. The smart and very in-love Eric thought to seek the help of Sarah Lizabeth from Regalo Design to help make this idea a reality. PRO TIP: Guys, if you need help seamlessly pulling off your awesome proposal, seek the help of a professional! Sarah goes out of her way to make each proposal a fantastic surprise, and for every proposal I've had the pleasure of photographing for Sarah, the lady always says YES!

Sarah arranged an art studio to be the location of the "private coloring lesson" in Houston Station in Nashville, TN. The plan was that Eric would bring Arielle to the art studio, and it's there, after some "professional instruction from the pro colorer, Sarah", she is directed to turn to the last page of the coloring book to find, "Will you marry me?" From that point, he gets down on one knee, she says YES! There are tears, hugs, kisses, and everyone can't stop talking about how good of a farce this was and how it all went so flawlessly! Here are the photos that captured Arielle and Eric's marital beginning with just a few colored pencils, a ring, and a lot of love. 

Proposal Service by Regalo Design

Venue: Houston Station